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From MRS. GOVERNOR JAMES P. EAGLE, of Arkansas, President of State
Board, and Lady Manager.
One pint of bread sponge; one cup of warm water; three-fourths cup of
molasses, in which is stirred one-half teaspoon of soda: one large
teaspoonful of salt. Stir in sufficient quantity of graham flour to
make a stiff batter, put in mould and let rise till quite light and
then bake in moderate oven one hour.

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From MRS. GOVERNOR EDWIN C. BURLEIGH, of Maine, Second Vice President,
Board of Lady Managers.
Mix a dough nearly as you would for cream-tartar biscuits, only put
considerable shortening in. Roll thin; bake in a pan; when done, split
it and put the berries (mashed in sugar) between. Whipped cream over
the top makes it very nice.

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Strawberry Short Cake A La Mode

1 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon Baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 heaping tablespoon of butter

Sift the dry ingredients together and work in the butter. Mix with

enough milk to make a stiff dough which can be rolled as thin as a


Put one thin layer on a pie-pan and butter lightly; lay another layer on

first. Bake eight minutes in a moderate oven.

When cold cut in pieces and split each piece. Place a large tablespoon

of crushed, sweetened strawberries between the layers, add the top

layer, add more berries, and last of all, a heaping tablespoon of ice

cream or frozen custard.

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Strawberry Short Cake

One cup sour milk, very small teaspoon soda, one tablespoon melted

butter, little salt, add flour to thicken, and bake in pie tins.

Split the cakes and add berries.--Mrs. Guilbault.

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