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Strawberry Shortcake No 1

(Desserts.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Puff paste makes a delicious strawberry shortcake. Roll thin, as for pie

crust, and line three layer cake tins and bake. Put a quart of fresh,

ripe strawberries stemmed in a bowl, sweeten them, cover and stand the

bowl on the shelf over the range, stir occasionally and mash slightly

with the back of a spoon. When serving time comes lay one of the shells

on the dish in which it is to be served, and pour a third of the berries

over it, then put on a second and a third, decorate the top layer with

whipped cream and serve with cream. It should be served immediately

after the berries are added to the crust that it may be crisp. Both

berries and shells should be cold.

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