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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

String and remove the ends from one quart of beans. Cut into short
lengths. Cover with boiling water, add one level tablespoon of wilt and
cook until tender, but not soft. Drain and save one cup of the liquor.
Cream one tablespoon of flour with two tablespoons of butter. Pour the
liquid over the flour and butter, stirring constantly to avoid
"lumping." Cook this sauce for five minutes, remove from stove and stir
in two tablespoons of strained lemon juice. Pour this over the beans and

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From MRS. FLORENCE H. KIDDER, of North Carolina, Lady Manager.
One pint of cold boiled potatoes, cut in slices; one-third the
quantity of cold boiled beets cut _fine_; one-third the quantity
of green peas (winter beets and canned peas are as good as fresh
ones); sprinkle with salt and pepper, then pour over it a French
dressing made of a saltspoonful of salt, one of black pepper, a
teaspoonful of onion juice or grated onion, three tablespoonfuls of
olive oil and one of vinegar; mix thoroughly and set aside. When ready
to serve spread over it a thick mayonnaise dressing and garnish with
slices of beet, cut in shapes, hard boiled egg and parsley; if made in
summer a border of crisp lettuce leaves is an additional garnish. If
the quantity of vegetable is increased the amount of dressing must
also be doubled or the salad will be dry. A small portion of the
mayonnaise mixed with the vegetables also is an improvement.

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String Bean Salad

Cook the beans in salted water, drain and season while warm with salt,

pepper, oil and vinegar. A little onion juice is an improvement. (See

French Salad Dressing.)

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