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Stuffed Cabbage

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Use a savoy cabbage, open up the leaves and wash thoroughly in cold

water, put in salted boiling water and boil five minutes, then take out

without breaking, and put in cold water. Make a stuffing of sausage

meat, and bread crumbs which have been moistened and squeezed. To a half

pound of sausage allow one egg, two tablespoonfuls of minced onion

browned in butter, a pinch of parsley and four tablespoonfuls of minced

cooked ham. Drain, and open up the cabbage to the center, between the

leaves put in a half teaspoonful of the stuffing, fold over two or three

leaves, put in again and so continue until the cabbage is filled. When

finished press it as firmly as the case will allow, tie up in a piece of

cheese cloth and put into boiling water; boil two hours. Serve the

cabbage in a deep dish and pour over a cream sauce.

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Stuffed Cabbage

(Cavolo ripieno)

Take a big cabbage, remove the hard outside leaves, cut the stem off

even with the leaves and give it half cooking in salt water. Put it

upside down to drain, then open the leaves one by one until the heart is

exposed and on this put the stuffing. Bring up all the leaves, close

them and tie with thread crosswise.

The stuffing can be made with milk veal stewed alone, or with sweetbread

or chicken liver, all chopped fine. To make it more delicate, add some

balsamella (No 54) a pinch of grated cheese, one yolk of egg and a

taste of nutmeg. Complete the cooking of the cabbage in the sauce of

this stew, adding a little butter, on a low fire or in the oven kept


Instead of filling the whole cabbage, the larger leaves may be filled

one by one, rolling and tying them.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Cabbage

One medium cabbage, two ounces of Armour's Star Ham, two tablespoons of

Armour's Simon Pure Leaf Lard, two egg yolks, one teaspoon each of salt,

chopped parsley, and chopped onions, one cup of stale bread crumbs, a

dash of cayenne, one pimento pepper chopped. Parboil cabbage, drain and

let cool. Open the leaves and scoop out the center. Beat the eggs, add

bread moistened with melted Simon Pure Leaf Lard, add the ham and

seasoning and all other ingredients. Fill the center, tie cabbage in

cheese cloth and boil until tender.--MRS. S. M. FUEICH, JR., 1524


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