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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut four cucumbers in half lengthwise; remove the seeds with a spoon,
lay the cucumbers in vinegar overnight; then wipe dry and fill with a
mixture made from one cup pecans or Brazil nuts chopped, six tablespoons
of mashed potatoes, one well-beaten egg, one teaspoon of salt, two
tablespoons of chopped parsley, one saltspoon of white pepper, dash of
nutmeg and two tablespoons of melted butter. Bake in a buttered dish
until tender. Serve hot with one cup of white sauce, dash of powdered
cloves, one well-beaten egg, salt and pepper to taste.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Cucumbers

Choose medium sized cucumbers, pare, cut off one or both ends, extract

the seeds, boil from three to five minutes, drain and throw into cold

water to firm, drain again and fill the insides with chicken or veal

forcemeat; line a pan with thin slices of pork, on which set the

cucumbers, season with salt and pepper and a pinch of marjoram and

summer savory, baste with melted butter, or gravy, chicken gravy is the

best, cover with a buttered paper and let bake. Or stuff with a sausage

forcemeat, make a bed for the cucumbers of chopped vegetables and

moisten with stock or water; or fill with a tomato stuffing as for

stuffed tomatoes, baste often with butter, or a nice gravy, put over a

buttered paper and bake until done, in about fifteen or twenty minutes.

The Chicago Record gave the following recipe for cucumbers stuffed with

rice:--Pare thinly five five-inch cucumbers. Cut off one end and remove

the pulp, leaving a thick solid case, with one thick end. Season one cup

of hot boiled rice, salted in cooking, with a tablespoonful of butter, a

pinch each of marjoram and summer savory, saltspoonful of grated

nutmeg, four shakes of cayenne and a tablespoonful of lemon juice. Fill

the cucumbers with this mixture; replace the end, fastening it with

small skewers; place in a pan of boiling water, salted, in which are two

bay leaves and a clove of garlic, and boil for ten minutes or until

tender. Drain and serve covered with a cream sauce.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Cucumbers

Peel two large, fine cucumbers, cut in half lengthwise, take out the

seeds. Scrape out carefully the soft part--with a small spoon--into a

saucepan. Peel and core a tart apple, chop fine with a small pickled

gherkin, take from this a good tablespoonful for the sauce and put one

side, then add the rest to the soft part of the cucumbers in the

saucepan. Let it simmer until tender, then add butter the size of an

egg, pepper and salt to taste, a few drops of onion juice, or the spoon

used for stirring the mixture may be rubbed with garlic, three

tablespoonfuls of grated bread crumbs, one egg beaten, stir all

together, and remove at once from the fire. Put the cucumbers in a

saucepan, cover with boiling water and cook gently until tender--about

ten or fifteen minutes; when nearly done add a tablespoonful of salt,

drain from the water, when cool enough stuff them with the dressing

already prepared and press into shape, brush with egg, sprinkle bread

crumbs over the top and a few tiny lumps of butter, place carefully in a

pan and bake a delicate brown.

FOR THE SAUCE, take the tablespoonful of apple and pickle reserved from

the stuffing, and add a teaspoonful of capers, chop all together as fine

as possible, make a cream sauce and add this mixture to it on the fire

and heat thoroughly. Place the cucumbers carefully on a platter and pour

the sauce around them.

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