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Stuffed Onions

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Boil onions one hour in slightly salted water, and remove the centers.

Make a stuffing of minced liver or chicken in these proportions; to one

pound of meat one third of a cupful of gravy milk or cream, one

half-cupful of fine bread crumbs, one egg, pepper and salt and some of

the onion taken from the centers, mix well and fill the onion shells,

dust over a few bread crumbs, dot with butter and bake until brown. Put

the remaining onion into a stew pan, with a tablespoonful of butter, a

half-tablespoonful of flour, and after it boils up once, add a half-cup

of milk, a teaspoonful of parsley, salt and pepper, boil up again, pour

over onions and serve. This is a good second course after soup served

with apple sauce.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Onions

(Cipolle ripiene)

Boil six large onions for an hour. Then drain and skin. Remove the heart

with the point of a knife. In the place of the heart place the stuffing

made with 1/4 lb. ham or tongue, chopped and mixed with bread crumbs

ground, two tablespoonfuls of milk, two pinches of salt and one of

pepper. When the onions are prepared and stuffed place them in a

saucepan whose bottom has been greased with butter, sprinkle with bread

crumbs ground and place in the oven, not too hot. At the time of serving

add some white sauce or balsamella (No 54). Stuffed onions are served

as vegetables, or side-dish with roast-beef or boiled-beef.

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