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Stuffed Peaches

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)

(Pesche ripiene)

Six big peaches not very ripe.

Four or five lady-finger biscuits.

Granulated sugar, three ounces.

Two ounces sweet almonds with three peach kernels.

Candied fruit (angelica) half an ounce.

Cut the peaches in two parts, remove the stones and enlarge somewhat the

cavity where they were with the point of a knife. Mix the peach pulp

that you extract with the almonds, already skinned, and grind the pulp

and almonds very fine together with two ounces of the sugar. To this

mixture add the lady-fingers crumbed and the candied fruits. Cut in very

small cubes. This will be the stuffing with which you will fill the

cavities of the twelve halves of peach. These you will place in a row in

a baking tin, with the stuffing above. Add the remaining ounce of sugar

and bake in oven with a moderate fire.

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