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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Select six tender, sweet peppers. Soak in water bread crumbs sufficient
to make one pint when the water is pressed out; mix with one-fourth
teaspoon basil, herbs and two teaspoons of salt, add two tablespoons of
Cut off the stem end of each pepper; carefully remove the interior and
fill the peppers with the prepared dressing. Place in a shallow
baking-pan and pour around them white sauce thinned with two cups of
water. Bake about one hour, basting frequently with the sauce.

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Place a fry-pan on stove containing about two tablespoonfuls of
butter, add a couple of finely chopped sweet peppers and a finely
minced small onion. Let all simmer on stove. Measure the chopped
pepper and add an equal amount of finely crumbled bread. Season with
salt and pepper and fill (well-washed) peppers from which the stem and
seeds have been removed. Stand the peppers in a bake dish containing a
small amount of water. Place in a hot oven about twenty-five minutes,
or until peppers are tender. Serve hot.

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Egyptian Stuffed Peppers.

Take a fresh kidney; clean and cut into thin slices; run a skewer
through them to hold them together. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and
brush with butter; put on a broiler and cook for five minutes. Then
place on a platter; pour over some lemon-juice and hot butter;
sprinkle with parsley and serve at once.

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Stuffed Peppers

Cut off the stem end of green bell peppers. Mince cooked chicken or use

a can of shrimps, and mix with it almost an equal weight of bread

crumbs, a large lump of butter, two or three tablespoonfuls of cream,

salt and a sprinkle of parsley. Fill the pepper shells with the mixture,

sprinkle bread crumbs over the tops, dot with butter, and brown in the


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Oakland Stuffed Peppers

Cut off the tops and scoop out the seeds of six peppers, chop an extra

pepper without seeds, mix with it a small onion chopped, a cupful of

chopped tomato, two tablespoonfuls of butter or salad oil, a teaspoonful

of salt, and an equal measure of bread crumbs. Stuff the peppers,

replace the stem ends, and bake the peppers for half an hour, basting

them with butter or salad oil two or three times. Serve them hot as a


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Green Stuffed Peppers

Clean out peppers and stuff with rice or potatoes, and meat. Moisten

with hot water, standing on end in baking dish. Cover and bake until

almost done, then remove cover and brown. Cheese or tomatoes may be used

instead of meat.

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Stuffed Peppers No 2

Crumb 4 slices of bread and wet with 1/2 cup soup stock, small piece of

butter, pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, seeds of the pepper and a

tablespoonful of the chopped rind. Place in baking plate with very

little water, and bake fifteen minutes in a quick oven. This mixture

will fill six peppers.

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Stuffed Peppers No 1

Cut off the tops and remove the seeds. Cut in small pieces 8 or 10

tomatoes and cook with a little butter and onion until tender. Add some

rice boiled in water or stock (or bread crumbs), and a little salt, then

mix with the tomatoes. Add a little chopped celery, fill the peppers,

and put a little butter over the top of each. Cook in the oven twenty

minutes and serve at once. If the peppers are boiled a few minutes

first, they will retain their bright green color.

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Stuffed Peppers

If there is too little of the roast to serve sliced cold, it can be

chopped fine, seasoned well with salt and pepper and moistened with the

cold gravy. If the quantity is still too small, it can be increased by

adding a beaten egg and half a cupful of dried bread-crumbs. This works

into a nice dish by taking sweet green peppers, splitting in half,

washing and removing the seeds, and then packing with the minced meat.

Bake until peppers are tender, about half an hour, then remove from

oven, lay on squares of hot toast, and cover with white sauce or

warmed-over gravy.

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