These make excellent greens for winter and spring use. Boil hard one half hour with salt pork or corned beef, then drain and serve in a hot dish. Garnish with slices of hard boiled eggs, or the yolks of eggs quirled by pressing through a patent... Read more of Kale Greens at Home Made Cookies.caInformational Site Network Informational
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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Mix equal parts of corn, cut from the ear, and any kind of beans; boil
them separately; then stir them lightly together, and season with
butter, salt, and pepper and add a little cream if convenient.

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Take two quarts shelled Lima beans (green), one dozen ears of corn
(cut off cob), and one pound pickled pork. Cover pork with water, and
parboil it; add beans cooked until they burst; then add corn, two
tablespoonfuls sugar, butter the size of a walnut, and pepper to
taste. After corn is added, watch carefully to keep from scorching.

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Plymouth Succotash

Boil, separately, one chicken and four pounds of corned beef. The next

day remove meat and fat from both kettles of liquid, combine liquids,

season with salt (if needed) and pepper; when boiling add five quarts of

hulled corn; remove to slow fire and let simmer three hours. Have ready

three pints of New York pea beans that have been soaked twelve hours,

boiled until soft and strained through a sieve; add to soup (for

thickening). Boil one yellow turnip (or two white turnips), and six

potatoes; when done add to succotash. This recipe makes eight quarts.

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