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In a mixing bowl put a cup of sweet butter and two cups of granulated
sugar; beat these ingredients to a cream, then add three eggs, grated
lemon rind, and four tablespoons of brandy. Beat the added ingredients
thoroughly with the others till the mixture is smooth and creamy. Sift
three cups of flour in a big bowl with a teaspoon of salt and three
teaspoons of baking-powder; stir this a little at a time in the bowl
with the other ingredients, until the mixture is a light dough, just
stiff enough to roll out. If there is not enough flour, sift more in to
make the dough the desired stiffness; then dust the pastry board well
with flour, put part of the dough on the board, toss it lightly with
your hands from side to side till the dough is covered with flour. Then
dust the rolling-pin well with flour and roll the dough very thin; cut
it in shapes with a cookie cutter, lift each cookie up carefully with a
pancake turner, slip them quickly in a big baking-pan, the inside of
which has been well rubbed with flour, and bake them in a moderate oven
till light brown.
Just a moment before taking the pan out of the oven sprinkle the surface
of the cookies lightly with granulated sugar. When a little cool take
the cookies out of the pan with the pancake turner and lay them on a big
platter. When they are cold put the cookies in a stone crock.
It is a good plan to have two or three baking-pans so, while one panful
is baking, another may be filled and be ready to put in the oven when
the other is removed. Only put enough dough on the pastry board at a
time to roll out nicely on it.
Take one pound of butter one pound of sugar, yolks of six eggs,
hard-boiled, and flour enough to make a dough that is not too stiff.
Dissolve three cents worth of ammonia (hartshorn) in scalded milk. Place
the ammonia in a large bowl and pour one cup of scalding milk over it.
After this has cooled add it to the dough with one-half cup of cold
milk. Flavor to taste. Flour the pans and the cookie dough. Roll and
proceed as with sugar cookies.
Take ten boiled eggs and two raw ones, one pound of best butter, half a
pound of almonds, one lemon, some cinnamon one wineglass of brandy, one
pound of pulverized sugar and about one pound and a half of flour. This
quantity makes one hundred cookies, and like fruit cake, age improves
them, in other words, the older the better. Now to begin with: Set a
dish of boiling water on the stove, when it boils hard, break the eggs
carefully, one at a time, dropping the whites in a deep porcelain dish,
and set away in a cool place. Take each yolk as you break the egg and
put it in a half shell, and lay it in the boiling water until you have
ten boiling. When boiled hard take them up and lay them on a plate to
cool. In the meantime, cream the butter with a pound of pulverized
sugar, add the grated peel of a lemon, a teaspoon of cinnamon and half
of the almonds, which have been blanched and pounded or grated (reserve
the other half for the top of the cookies, which should not be grated,
but pounded). Add the hard-boiled yolks, which must be grated, and the
two raw eggs, sift in the flour, and add the brandy. Beat up the whites
of the twelve eggs very stiff, add half to the dough, reserving the
other half, but do not make the dough stiff, as it should be so rich
that you can hardly handle it. Flour the baking-board well, roll out
about an eighth of an inch thick. Now spread with the reserved whites of
eggs, reserving half again, as you will have to roll out at least twice
on a large baking-board. Sprinkle well with the pounded almonds after
you have spread the beaten whites of the eggs on top, also sugar and
cinnamon. Cut with a cookie-cutter. Have at least five large pans
greased ready to receive them. See that you have a good fire. Time to
bake, five to ten minutes. Pack them away when cold in a stone jar or
tin cake-box. These cookies will keep a long time.

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1 cup lard and butter, mixed.
2 cups granulated sugar, and
2 eggs, all creamed together; then add
1 teaspoon soda (mix with a little sour milk).
Flavor with vanilla.
Beat all well together. Add flour enough that they may be rolled out,
no more. Flour bake-board well; cut dough with cake cutter into small
round cakes and bake in a rather quick oven. This recipe will make a
large number of cakes if dough be rolled thin as a wafer. Frau Schmidt
was able to keep these cakes some time--under lock and key. If cake
dough be mixed one day and allowed to stand over night, cakes may be
rolled out much more easily and cut thinner.

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