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Swedish Salad

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Cut bacon and ham into small pieces; put in a saucepan with 1
tablespoonful of hot butter. Add all kinds of vegetables, cut into
very small pieces and let fry a few minutes. Then fill the pan with 1
quart of beef stock; let all cook slowly for half an hour; add some
boiled rice and 1 cup of tomato-sauce and cook until done. Serve hot.

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Swedish Salad

One cup each of boiled potatoes, beet root, fish (mackerel, salmon or

cold meat), celery root or stock, one apple, all cut up in small

squares; chop some olives and pickles very fine, salt and pepper to

taste. Mix in enough cream to make it stick together. Make a sauce by

lightly whipping some cream and adding vinegar. Garnish with hard-boiled

eggs, olives and beets.

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