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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Six eggs, two tablespoons of flour, one cup of cold milk. Wet the flour
with a little of the milk, then add the rest of the milk and the yolks
of the eggs. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth and pour into
the flour, milk and yolks. Put a piece of butter into a spider and let
it get hot, but not so hot that the butter will burn. Then pour the
mixture in and put in a moderate oven to bake in the spider. It takes
about ten minutes to bake. Then slip a knife under it and loosen it and
slip off on a large plate. Sift powdered sugar on top and serve with a
slice of lemon.

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Beat up three or four eggs, pour them into an omelet pan, and sprinkle
a little white sugar over them while frying, hold a salamander or hot
shovel over the uppermost side of the omelet, as it must only be fried
on one side. As soon as it is set, slide it on to a hot dish, double
it, and sprinkle sugar over it and serve quickly.

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One egg, beat white separately, two tablespoons of cold sweet milk, a
pinch of salt. Brown on both sides or roll, spread with compote or
sprinkle powdered sugar thickly over it. Serve at once.

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2 Eggs--2d.

1/2 oz. Butter--1/2d.

1 teaspoonful Jam--1/2d.


Total Cost--31/2 d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Put the yolks of the eggs into a basin and beat in half the sugar, put
the whites on to a plate with a little sugar, and whip till stiff; mix
with the yolks. Put the butter into a small frying-pan, and when it is
dissolved pour in the mixture; leave over the fire for about three
minutes. Then hold the pan in front of the fire for a minute or two to
brown the top. Put the jam on to a hot plate, slip the omelet on the
top; serve at once.

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