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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Soak five hundred tiny cucumbers in salt water for twenty-four hours,
using one-half of a cup of salt to four quarts of water. Drain, pour hot
water over them and drain very dry. Take two ounces of cloves, heads
removed, four sticks cinnamon; tie these spices in a bag and heat with
three pounds of brown sugar and one pint of cider vinegar slowly, nearly
to the boiling-point, add the pickles and remove from the stove. Put in
glass jars and cover with vinegar.

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Cucumber Sweet Pickles

Put small cucumbers in a dish with one-half cup salt to two quarts

cucumbers; cover with boiling water and let stand all night. Remove from

brine, place in granite kettle, cover with vinegar containing whole

mustard seed, cloves and cinnamon and one cup of sugar. Let come to

boiling point, but not boil. Can, or bottle while hot.

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Uncooked Sweet Pickles 300

As pickles are often put up in very warm weather, this recipe will be

found especially simple and easy to carry out.

One gallon cider vinegar, one cup granulated sugar, one-third cup salt,

one cup freshly grated horseradish (or two five-cent glasses), one-half

cup ground mustard, one-third ounce saccharine, two tablespoonfuls mixed

spices in each quart jar. Be sure to get in a few red peppers and

cloves. Put pickles in jars and fill with above mixture, cold.

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Sweet Pickles

Tomato and Fig Pickles

One peck of green tomatoes sliced and salted in layers, place in granite

boiler over night. In the morning drain off brine and rinse in cold


Chop up a pound of figs, add to the tomatoes, cover with vinegar and

boil twenty minutes; add 1 pound of seeded raisins, 1 cup of vinegar, 4

cups of sugar, 20 cloves and a few sticks of cinnamon tied in a cheese

cloth bag, and cook together slowly for 3/4 of an hour.


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