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(Fish) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

First cut up and salt the fish. Shad, trout or carp can be used. Put on
fish kettle with one and one-half cups of water and one cup of vinegar,
add one onion cut in round slices, one dozen raisins, one lemon cut in
round slices, two bay leaves, six cloves. When this mixture begins to
boil, lay in your fish and cook thoroughly. When done remove fish to
Put liquor back on stove, add three tablespoons of granulated sugar
(which has been melted and browned in a pie plate without water), then
add two tablespoons of flour which has been rubbed smooth with a little
water. Let boil well and pour over fish. If not sweet enough add more
sugar. Serve cold.

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Put on to boil in fish kettle, one glass water, one-half glass vinegar,
two tablespoons of brown sugar, one-half dozen cloves, one-half teaspoon
of ground cinnamon, one onion cut in round slices. Boil thoroughly, then
strain and add to it one lemon cut in round slices, one goblet of red
wine, one dozen raisins, one tablespoon of pounded almonds; put on stove
again, and when it comes to a boil, add fish that has been cut up and
salted. Cook until done, remove fish to a platter, and to the liquor add
a small piece Leb-kuchen or ginger cake, and stir in the well-beaten
yolks of four eggs; stir carefully or it will curdle. If not sweet
enough add more sugar. Pour over fish. Shad or trout is the best fish to

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