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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wash the sweetbreads very carefully and remove all bits of skin and
fatty matter. Cover with cold water, salt and boil for fifteen minutes.
Then remove from the boiling water and cover with cold water. Sprinkle
with salt and pepper, roll in beaten egg and bread crumbs, and fry a
nice brown in hot fat.
Clean sweetbread, boil until tender, and cut in small pieces. Take one
tablespoon of fat, blend in one tablespoon of flour; add half the
liquor of a can of mushrooms and enough soup stock to make the necessary
amount of gravy; add a little catsup, mushroom catsup, and a few drops
of kitchen bouquet, a clove of garlic, and a small onion; salt and
pepper to taste. Cook this about an hour, and then remove garlic and
onion. Add sweetbreads, mushrooms, and two hard-boiled eggs chopped very

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Sweetbreads with Mushrooms

Lay half a dozen sweetbreads in cold water for twelve hours, changing
the water several times. Then boil them five minutes, drop into cold
water, remove the skin and lard with fat bacon. Put them in a saucepan
with a pint of stock, two small onions and one carrot chopped, a
teaspoonful of minced parsley, salt, pepper, cayenne, and a little
mace. Stew until tender.
Serve with a mushroom sauce, made as follows: Take a small bottle
of mushrooms or one dozen fresh mushrooms sliced and boil them five
minutes in water and lime juice. Drain and place in a stew pan with
two ounces of butter, one ounce of flour and a pint of well seasoned
stock or gravy. Cook until the sauce is reduced one-half. Pour over
the hot sweetbreads.

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First soak them in warm water, and then blanch them; in whatever
manner they are to be dressed, this is essential; they may be prepared
in a variety of ways, the simplest is to roast them; for this they
have only to be covered with egg and bread crumbs, seasoned with salt
and pepper, and finished in a Dutch oven or cradle spit, frequently
basting with clarified veal suet; they may be served either dry with a
_purée_ of vegetables, or with a brown gravy.

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After soaking and blanching, stew them in veal gravy, and season with
celery, pepper, salt, nutmeg, a little mace, and a piece of lemon
peel, they should be served with a fine white sauce, the gravy in
which they are stewed will form the basis for it, with the addition
of yolks of eggs and mushroom essence; French cooks would adopt the
_velouté_ or _bechamél_ sauce; Jerusalem artichokes cut the size of
button mushrooms, are a suitable accompaniment as a garnish.

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After soaking and blanching, fry them till brown, then simmer gently
in beef gravy seasoned highly with smoked meat, nutmeg, pepper, salt,
a small onion stuck with cloves, and a very little whole allspice;
the gravy must be slightly thickened, and morels and truffles are
generally added; small balls of delicate forcemeat are also
an improvement. The above receipts are adapted for sweetbreads
fricasseed, except that they must be cut in pieces for fricassees, and
pieces of meat or poultry are added to them; sweetbreads when dressed
whole look better _piqués_.

Put the joint in a saucepan, cover it with cold water, let it boil for
half an hour, have the spit and fire quite ready, and remove the meat
from the saucepan, and place it immediately down to roast, baste it
well, dredge it repeatedly with flour, and sprinkle with salt;
this mode of roasting mutton removes the strong flavor that is so
disagreeable to some tastes.

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Wash and lay your sweetbreads in slightly salted cold water for an hour;
Pull off carefully all the outer skin, wipe dry and sprinkle with salt
and pepper. Heat some goose-fat in a spider, lay in the sweetbreads and
fry slowly on the back of the stove, turning frequently until they are a
nice brown.
Two calf's feet, sawed into joints, seasoned with pepper and salt a day
before using. Place in an iron pot, one-half pound Italian chestnuts
that have been scalded and skinned, then the calf's feet, one-eighth
pound of raisins, one pound of fine prunes, one small onion, one small
head of celery root, two olives cut in small pieces, one-eighth teaspoon
of paprika, one cup of soup stock. Stew slowly for five hours, and add
one hour before serving, while boiling, a wine glass claret and a wine
glass sherry. Do not stir.

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Soak one pair of sweetbreads for two or three hours in sufficient warm
water to cover them, then drain. Put them in a stew-pan, with boiling
water to cover them, and then boil gently for seven or eight minutes.
They are then ready for dressing. Lay the sweetbreads in a stew-pan,
pour two cups of veal stock over them, add salt and cayenne pepper to
taste, and simmer gently for one hour. Lift them out on to a very hot
dish, add juice of one-half lemon and one teaspoon of potato flour to
the gravy, stir smoothly, and boil up, pour over the sweetbreads and
serve at once.

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Place sweetbreads in cold water, to which 1/2 teaspoonful salt has
been added, for a short time, then drain and put over the fire with
hot water. Cook ten minutes. Drain and stand aside in a cool place
until wanted. Remove stringy parts, separate into small pieces about
the sue of an oyster, dip in beaten white of egg and then in bread
crumbs. Put in a pan containing a little hot butter and drippings and
fry light brown. Serve hot. Garnish platter with parsley.

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Parboil sweetbreads in water 10 minutes. Remove stringy parts and dry
on a napkin. Separate the sweetbreads into small pieces with a _silver
knife_, never use _steel_, put in a stewpan with enough cream to
cover, add butter, pepper and salt to taste. Flour enough to thicken a
little, let all come to a boil. Fill small pattie shells with the
mixture and serve hot.

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This is a very good way to make sweetbreads do double duty. Boil a
pair of sweetbreads until they are tender. Remove the membrane, cut
them into slices; make a cream sauce. Add the sweetbreads, and, if you
like, a half can of chopped mushrooms. Make a six-egg omelet, arrange
the slices of sweetbread around the omelet and pour over the cream

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1 pair Sweetbreads--4d.

1 pint Gravy

Salt and Pepper

1/2 Onion--1/2d.

1 oz. Butter

1/2 oz. Flour

1 Carrot--1d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Time--One Hour.

Put the sweetbreads in cold water, bring to the boil, strain away the
water, scrape and clean them and remove the pieces of skin. Put the
butter into a stewpan and flour the sweetbreads; dry very lightly and
quickly, take them out. Slice up and fry the onion and carrot, stir in
the flour and gravy, and bring to the boil. Lay in the sweetbreads and
simmer very gently for one hour; take them up on a hot dish, season and
flavour the gravy, remove the fat, boil up and pour round them. Serve
hot. Sweetbreads are very nice served with tomato sauce.

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