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(Cakes.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

Mountown! the Muses' most delicious theme,

O, may thy codlins ever swim in cream!

The rasp and strawberries in Bordeaux drown,

To add a redder tincture to their own!

Thy white wine, sugar, milk, together club,

To make that gentle viand--_syllabub_!


Not all thy plate, how formed soe'er it be,

Can please my palate like a bowl of thee.


In a large china bowl put a pint of port and a pint of sherry, or other

white wine; sugar to taste. Milk the bowl full; in twenty minutes cover

it pretty high with clouted cream; grate over it nutmeg; put pounded

cinnamon and nonpareil comfits. It is very good without the nonpareil


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From MRS. W. W. KIMBALL, of Chicago, Lady Manager.
One tablespoon of sugar; the yolk of one egg beaten with sugar; beat
the white separately, stiff; add four spoons of brandy to beaten yolk;
put half the white into mixture; half a glass of cream; then put the
rest of the white on top.

Other Recipes

Whip Syllabub

Take good sweet cream--to each pint put six ounces of double refined,

powdered white sugar, half a tumbler of white wine, the juice and grated

rind of a lemon. Beat the whole well together--put jelly in glasses, and

cover them with the froth as fast as it rises.

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Take a quart of cream with a slice or two of lemon-peel, to be laid to

soak in the cream. Take half a pint of sack and six spoonfuls of white

wine, dividing it equally into your syllabub. Set your cream over the

fire, and make it something more than lukewarm; sweeten both sack and

cream, and put the cream into a spouted pot, pouring it rather high from

the pot into the vessel in which you intend to put it. Let it be made

about eight or nine hours before you want it for use.

Other Recipes

Everlasting Syllabub Very Excellent

Take a quart and half a pint of cream, one pint of Rhenish wine, half a

pint of sack, the juice of three lemons, about a pound of double-refined

sugar, beaten fine and sifted before you put it into the cream. Grate

off the rinds of the three lemons used, put it with the juice into the

wine, and that to the cream. Then beat all together with a whisk just

half an hour; take it up with a spoon, and fill your glasses. It will

keep good nine or ten days, and is best three or four days old.

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Solid Syllabub

Half a pint of white wine, a wine-glass of brandy, the peel of a lemon

grated and the juice, half a pound of powdered loaf-sugar, and a pint of

cream. Stir these ingredients well together; then dissolve one ounce of

isinglass in half a pint of water; strain it; and when cool add it to

the syllabub, stirring it well all the time; then put it in a mould. It

is better made the day before you want it.

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Whipt Syllabub

Boil a quart of cream with a bit of cinnamon; let it cool; take out the

cinnamon, and sweeten to your taste. Put in half a pint of white wine,

or sack, and a piece of lemon-peel. Whip it with a whisk to a froth;

take it off with a spoon as it rises; lay it on the bottom of a sieve;

put wine sweetened in the bottom of your glasses, and lay on the

syllabub as high as you can.

Other Recipes

Solid Syllabub

Soak an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine twenty minutes in three-quarters of a

pint of water, add the juice and peel of two large lemons, a quarter of

a pint of sherry, five or six ounces of lump sugar; boil the above two

minutes, then pour upon it a pint of warm cream, stir it quickly till it

boils, then strain and stir till it thickens, and pour it into moulds.

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