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Tansy Pudding

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Beat sixteen eggs very well in a wooden bowl, leaving out six whites,

with a little orange-flower water and brandy; then add to them by

degrees half a pound of fine sifted sugar; grate in a nutmeg, and a

quarter of a pound of Naples biscuit; add a pint of the juice of

spinach, and four spoonfuls of the juice of tansy; then put to it a pint

of cream. Stir it all well together, and put it in a skillet, with a

piece of butter melted; keep it stirring till it becomes pretty thick;

then put it in a dish, and bake it half an hour. When it comes out of

the oven, stick it with blanched almonds cut very thin, and mix in some

citron cut in the same manner. Serve it with sack and sugar, and squeeze

a Seville orange over it. Turn it out in the dish in which you serve it

bottom upwards.

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