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(Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Soak four tablespoons of tapioca overnight in one quart of sweet milk.
In the morning beat the yolks of three eggs with one cup of sugar. Put
the milk and tapioca on in a double boiler, adding a pinch of salt; when
this comes to boiling point stir in the eggs and sugar. Beat the whites
to a stiff froth and stir quickly and delicately into the hot mixture.
Flavor with vanilla. Eat cold.

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Four tablespoonfuls of pearl tapioca soaked in cold water over night.
The next morning drain the tapioca, boil 1 quart of sweet milk, beat
the yolks of 4 eggs light, stir them into the tapioca, adding 4
tablespoonfuls of sugar. Beat all together and gradually add the hot
milk. Return to the fire and stir until it commences to boil. Take
from the range and pour in a glass dish. Flavor with 1 teaspoonful of
vanilla. Whip the whites of the eggs to a standing froth and stir
into the cooling pudding When cold stand on ice until ready to serve.
One-half cup of shredded cocoanut may be added if liked.

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Tapioca Custard

Probably the most common way, though, of making tapioca pudding is by

taking half the recipe given and after boiling fifteen minutes, (without

flavoring or sugar), adding to it two cupfuls of milk, two well-beaten

eggs, one-half teaspoonful vanilla, and half a cupful of sugar, then

baking until the custard begins to brown on top. All these desserts are

to be served with cream, plain or whipped, which adds to the appearance

as well as taste.

There are several brands of granulated tapioca on the market, and they

are convenient if one is in a hurry, but they are more expensive than

the ordinary kind, and I have found that the directions on the box

seldom allow sufficient time to boil, and also that the pouring on of

boiling water suggested is apt to result in the powdered tapioca forming

lumps which require an extra amount of cooking.

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