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Tenderloin With Marsala

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Filetto al marsala)

Roll a piece of the tenderloin, tie it and, if it is about two pounds,

put it on the fire with a middle-sized onion cut in thin slices, some

thin slices of ham and a piece of butter, seasoning but moderately with

salt and pepper. When it is browned from all sides and the onion is

consumed, sprinkle a pinch of flour, let this take color and then pour

some soup stock or water. Make it simmer on a low fire, then rub the

gravy through a sieve, skim off the fat and with this and half a small

tumbler of Marsala or Sherry wine put it back on the fire to simmer

again. Serve with the gravy neither too liquid nor too thick.

The filet can also be larded with bacon and cooked in butter and Marsala


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