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The Best Cheese In The World

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To make a cheese in the style of Stilton cheese, only much better, take

the new milk of seven cows, with the cream from the milk of seven cows.

Heat a gallon of water scalding hot, and put into it three or four

handfuls of marigolds bruised a little; strain it into the tub

containing the milk and cream, and put to it some runnet, but not so

much as to make it come very hard. Put the curd into a sieve to drain;

do not break it all, but, as the whey runs out, tie up the cloth, and

let it stand half an hour or more. Then cut the curd in pieces; pour

upon it as much cold water as will cover it, and let it stand half an

hour. Put part of it into a vat or a hoop nearly six inches deep; break

the top of it a little, just to make it join with the other, and strew

on it a very little salt; then put in the other part, lay a fifty-pound

weight upon it, and let it stand half an hour. Turn it, and put it into

the press. Turn it into wet clean cloths every hour of the day. Next

morning salt it; and let it lie in the salt a night and a day. Keep it

swathed tight, till it begins to dry and coat, and keep it covered with

a clean cloth for a long time.

The month of August is the best time for making this cheese, which

should be kept a year before it is cut.

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