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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut a small head of cabbage into four parts, cutting down through the
stock. Soak for half an hour in a pan of cold water to which has been
added one tablespoon of salt; this is to draw out any insects that may
be hidden in the leaves. Take from the water and cut into slices. Have a
large stew-pan half full of boiling water; put in the cabbage, pushing
it under the water with a spoon. Add one tablespoon of salt and cook
from twenty-five to forty-five minutes, depending upon the age of the
cabbage. Turn into a colander and drain for about two minutes. Put in a
chopping bowl and mince. Season with butter, pepper, and more salt if it
requires it. Allow one tablespoon of butter to a generous pint of the
cooked vegetable. Cabbage cooked in this manner will be of delicate
flavor and may be generally eaten without distress. Have the kitchen
windows open at the top while the cabbage is boiling, and there will be
little if any odor of cabbage in the house.

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The outer leaves of the cabbage should be removed, then cut it into
quarters and cut out the salt; wash it well in salt and water, and
leave in the water for half-an-hour. Then put it into a colander and
shake all the water from it. Place on the fire a large saucepan of
water, and when it boils, put in two teaspoonsful of salt and a quarter
of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda. Put in the cabbage and cover
down till it boils up; then remove the lid and boil very quickly,
pressing it down into the water from time to time. It will be
done in from fifteen to twenty minutes; try it with a fork, and if soft
turn into a colander, and very carefully press all the water from it.
Slip into a vegetable dish and cut into neat pieces.

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