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To Cleanse Vials And Pie Plates

(Miscellaneous Receipts Relative ) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Bottles and vials that have had medicine in them, may be cleansed by

putting ashes in each one, and immersing them in a pot of cold water,

then heating the water gradually, until it boils. When they have boiled

in it an hour, take it from the fire, and let them remain in it till

cold; then wash them in soap-suds, and rinse them in fair water till

clear. Pie plates that have been used much for baking, are apt to impart

an unpleasant taste to the pies, which is owing to the lard and butter

of the crust soaking into them, and becoming rancid. It may be removed

by putting them in a brass kettle, with ashes and cool water, and

boiling them in it an hour.

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