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To Extract Grease From Silks Paper Woollen Goods And Floors

(Miscellaneous Receipts Relative ) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

To remove grease spots from goods and paper, grate on them, very thick,

French chalk, (common chalk will answer, but is not as good as the

French chalk.) Cover the spots with brown paper, and set on a moderately

warm iron, and let it remain till cold. Care must be taken not to have

the iron so hot as to scorch or change the color of the cloth. If the

grease does not appear to be out on removing the iron, grate on more

chalk, heat the iron again, and put it on. Repeat the process till the

grease is entirely out. Strong pearl-ash water, mixed with sand, and

rubbed on grease spots in floors, is one of the most effective things

that can be used to extract the grease.

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