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To Keep Pickles And Sweetmeats

(Miscellaneous Receipts Relative ) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Pickles should be kept in unglazed earthen jars, or wooden kegs.

Sweetmeats keep best in glass jars; unglazed stone pots answer very well

for common fruit. A paper wet in brandy, or proof spirit, and laid on

the preserved fruit, tends to keep it from fermenting. Both pickles and

sweetmeats should be watched, to see that they do not ferment,

particularly when the weather is warm. Whenever they ferment, turn off

the vinegar or syrup, scald and turn it back while hot. When pickles

grow soft, it is owing to the vinegar being too weak. To strengthen it,

heat it scalding hot, turn it back on the pickles, and when lukewarm,

put in a little alum, and a brown paper, wet in molasses. If it does not

grow sharp in the course of three weeks it is past recovery, and should

be thrown away, and fresh vinegar turned on, scalding hot, to the


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