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To Make Currant Clear-cakes

(Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts)

Strip the Currants, wash them, and to a Gallon of Currants put about

a Quart of Water; boil it very well, run it thro' a Jelly-bag; to a

Pint of Jelly put a Pound and half of Sugar, sifted thro' an Hair

Sieve; set your Jelly on the Fire, let it just boil; then shake in

the Sugar, stir it well, set it on the Fire, and make it scalding

hot; then put it thro' a Strainer in a broad Pan, to take off the

Scum, and fill it in Pots: When it is candy'd, turn it on Glass

'till that Side be dry; then turn it again, to dry on the other


Red and white Currants are done the same Way; but as soon as the

Jelly of the White is made, you must put it to the Sugar, or it will

change Colour.

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