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To Make Ice Almond-cakes

(Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts)

Beat a Pound of Almonds very fine, with Rose-Water, to keep them

from Oiling; mix them with half a Pound of sifted Sugar, make them

up into little long or round Cakes, which you like best; put them in

a Stove or before a Fire, 'till they are dry on one Side, and then

turn them; and when they are dry on both Sides, take very fine Sugar

sifted; to a Pound take as much White of Eggs as will just wet it;

beat it with a Spoon, and as it grows white put in a little more

Egg, 'till it is thin enough to ice the Cakes; then ice first one

Side, and when that is dry before the Fire, ice the other: Be sure

one Side is dry before you do the other.

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