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To Make Lemmon-wafers

(Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts)

Take fine sifted Sugar, and put it in Spoons, colouring it in every

Spoon of several Colours; wet it with Juice of Lemmon; this is to

paint the Wafers. Cut little square Papers, of very thick but very

fine Paper, (a Sheet will make two Dozen) then take a Spoonful of

Sugar, wet it with Juice of Lemmon, let it be pretty stiff, hold the

Spoon over the Fire 'till it grows thin, and is just scalding hot;

then put a Tea-Spoonful on the Paper, rubbing it equally all over

the Paper very thin; then paint it of what Colour you please, first

scalding the Colours: When you see it grows dry, pin it at two

Corners of the Paper; when they are cold, and you have made all you

design to make, put them into a Box, and set them a Day or two by

the Fire; then wet the Papers, with your Fingers dipt into Water, on

the Outside; let them lye a little, and the Papers will come off.

The Colours are made thus: The Red with Carmine, the Blue with

Smalt, the Green with Powder, call'd Green-Earth, and the Yellow

with Saffron steep'd in Lemmon-Juice.

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