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To Stew Fish White

(Fish.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

His soup scientific,--his _fishes_ quite prime;

His pates superb, and his cutlets sublime.


Let your fish be cleaned and salted; save your melts or kows. Cut three

onions and parsley root, boil them in a pint of water; cut your fish in

pieces to suit; take some clever sized pieces, cut them from the bone,

chop them fine, mix with them the melts, crumbs of bread, a little

ginger, one egg well beaten, leeks, green parsley, all made fine; take

some bread, and make them in small balls; lay your fish in your stewpan,

layer of fish and layer of onions; sprinkle with ginger, pour cold water

over to cover your fish; let it boil till done, then lay your fish

nicely on a dish. To make the sauce, take the juice of a large lemon and

yolk of an egg, well beaten together, teaspoonful of flour; mix it

gradually with half a pint of the water the fish was done in, then with

all your water put in your balls; let it boil very quick; when done

throw the balls and gravy over your fish.

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