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(Pastry Cakes) - (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)

Take five table-spoonfuls of ground rice and boil it in a quart of
new milk, with a grated nutmeg or a tea-spoonful of powdered
cinnamon, stirring it all the time. When it has boiled, pour it
into a pan and stir in a quarter of a pound of butter, and a
quarter of a pound of powdered sugar, a nutmeg and half a pint of
cream. Set it away to get cold. Then heat eight eggs, omitting the
whites of four. Have ready a pound of dried currants well cleaned,
and sprinkled with flour; stir them into the mixture alternately
with the beaten egg. Add half a glass of rose-water, or half a
glass of mixed wine and brandy. Butter a deep dish, put in the
mixture, and hake it of a pale brown. Or you may bake it in

Other Recipes

Tomata Ketchup

Take a quart of tomata pulp and juice, three ounces of salt, one ounce

of garlic pounded, half an ounce of powdered ginger, and a quarter of an

ounce of cloves; add two ounces of anchovies or a wine-glassful of the

essence, as sold in the shops. Boil all in a tin saucepan half an hour;

strain it through a fine hair sieve. To the strained liquor add a

quarter of a pint of vinegar, half a pint of white wine, half a quarter

of an ounce of mace, which is to be pounded, and a tea-spoonful of

cayenne pepper. Let the whole simmer together over a gentle fire twenty

minutes; then strain it through fine lawn or muslin. When cold bottle it

up, and be careful to keep it close corked. It is fit for use


The best way to obtain the pulp and juice free from the skin and seeds

is to rub it through a hair sieve.

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