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(Sauces.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Skin a dozen fine tomatos, set them on the fire in a little water
or gravy, beat them up with a little vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne
pepper, and salt; some persons like the yolk of an egg, well beaten
added. Strain or not, as may be preferred.

Take the feet, wash them, cut them small, also the neck and gizzard;
season them with pepper and salt, onion, and parsley, let them simmer
gently for some time, in about a breakfast-cup of water, then strain,
thicken with flour, and add a little browning, and if liked, a small
quantity of any store sauce at hand, and it will prove an excellent

Have a bare knuckle of veal, and a calf's foot or cow heel; put it
into a stew-pan with a thick slice of smoked beef, a few herbs, a
blade of mace, two or three onions, a little lemon peel, pepper
and salt, and three or four pints of water (the French add a little
tarragon vinegar). When it boils skim it, and when cold, if not clear,
boil it a few minutes with the white and shell of an egg, and pass it
through a jelly bag, this jelly with the juice of two or three lemons,
and poured into a mould, in which are put the yolks of eggs boiled
hard, forms a pretty supper dish.

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Scale thoroughly, salt and pepper inside and out, and lay upon ice,
wrapped in a clean cloth overnight. When ready to cook cut up the celery
or parsley root, or both, two large onions, a carrot or two, and let
this come to a boil in about one quart of water, then lay in the fish,
whole or in pieces; let the water almost cover the fish; add a lump of
fresh butter and three or four tomatoes (out of season you may use
canned tomatoes, say three or four large spoonfuls); let the fish boil
half an hour, turning it occasionally. Try it by taking hold of the
fins, if they come out readily, the fish is done. Take it up carefully;
lay on a large platter and strain the sauce; let it boil, thicken it
with the well-beaten yolks of two eggs, adding the sauce gradually to
the eggs and stirring constantly. Garnish the fish with chopped parsley,
letting a quantity mix with the sauce.
Redsnapper is also very good fried.

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Brown one tablespoon butter with one minced onion, then add one
tablespoon of flour. When brown stir in two cups of tomatoes which have
previously been cooked and strained, add also one teaspoon of sugar, a
pinch of salt, pepper, and red pepper, also one tablespoon of vinegar
and one tablespoon of tomato catsup.

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Make a sauce of one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of flour, one
and one-half cups of canned tomatoes rubbed through a strainer, a pinch
of soda, salt, pepper and sugar to taste. When sufficiently cooked drop
in the required number of eggs, cook until the white is firm, basting
the eggs often with the sauce. When done, lift the eggs carefully to
squares of toast and pour the sauce around them.

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Forty-five large tomatoes, skin and cut into pieces, twenty green
peppers, twenty red peppers, six onions, all cut fine, two tablespoons
of salt, six small cups of vinegar, two cups of sugar. Mix all together
and boil two hours, then add one tablespoon each of ginger, cloves,
cinnamon and allspice, and boil up once. Bottle and seal at once.
How to set the table for the service of the "Seder" on the eve of Pesach
or Passover.
Set the table as usual, have everything fresh and clean; a wineglass for
each person, and an extra one placed near the platter of the man who
conducts the seder. Then get a large napkin; fold it into four parts,
set it on a plate, and in each fold put a perfect matzoth; that is, one
that is not broken or unshapely; in short, one without a blemish. Then
place the following articles on a platter: One hard-boiled egg, a lamb
bone that has been roasted in ashes, the top of a nice stick of
horse-radish (it must be fresh and green), a bunch of nice curly parsley
and some bitter herb (the Germans call it lattig), and, also, a small
vessel filled with salt water. Next to this platter place a small bowl
filled with [Hebrew ] prepared as follows: Pare and chop up a few
apples, add sugar, cinnamon, pounded almonds, some white wine and grated
lemon peel, and mix thoroughly. Place these dishes in front of the one
that conducts the seder, and to his left place two pillows, nicely
covered, and a small table or chair, on which has been placed a
wash-bowl with a pitcher of water and clean towel. In some families
hard-boiled eggs are distributed after the seder.

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No. 9. Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: Tomatoes, ham, onions, basil, salt, oil, garlic,
Broil three tomatoes, skin them and mix them with a tablespoonful
of chopped ham, half an onion, salt, a dessert-spoonful of oil, a
little pounded spice and basil. Then boil and pass through a
sieve. Whilst the sauce is boiling, put in a clove of garlic with
a cut, but remove it before you pass the sauce through the sieve.

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No. 10. Tomato Sauce Piquante

Ingredients: Ham, butter, onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf, thyme,
cloves, peppercorns, vinegar, Chablis, stock, tomatoes, Velute or
Espagnole sauce, castor sugar, lemon.
Cut up an ounce of ham, half an onion, half a carrot, half a stick
of celery very fine, and fry them in butter together with a bay
leaf, a sprig of thyme, one clove and four peppercorns. Over this
pour a third of a cup of vinegar, and when the liquid is all
absorbed, add half a glass of Chablis and a cup of stock. Then add
six tomatoes cut up and strained of all their liquid. Cook this in
a covered stewpan and pass it through a sieve, but see that none of
the bay leaf or thyme goes through. Mix this sauce with an equal
quantity of Velute (No. 2) or Espagnole sauce, (No. 1), let it boil
and pass through a sieve again and at the last add a teaspoonful of
castor sugar, the juice of half a lemon, and an ounce of fresh
butter. (Another tomato sauce may be made like this, but use stock
instead of vinegar and leave out the lemon juice and sugar.)

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Rub together two level tablespoonfuls of flour and two of butter. Add
a half pint of strained tomatoes. Stir until boiling. Add a
teaspoonful of onion juice, a half teaspoonful of salt and a
saltspoonful of pepper. Strain and use.

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Make a tomato sauce. Pour one-half in the bottom of a baking dish or
granite platter, break in from four to six fresh eggs, cover with the
other half of the sauce, dust the top with grated cheese, and bake in
a moderate oven until "set," about fifteen or twenty minutes. Serve
for supper in the place of meat.

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Make a plain omelet with six eggs. Pour over a half pint of tomato
sauce, and send to the table.

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6 Tomatoes--2d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1 1/2 oz. Flour

1/2 spoonful Sugar

1/2 spoonful Salt--1/2d.

Total Cost--31/2 d.

Time--5 Minutes.

If the tomatoes are ripe they need not be cooked; but if at all hard,
boil them for five minutes. Then slice up and rub through a sieve. Put
the butter into a small saucepan, and when it is dissolved stir in the
flour and sugar; then pour in the tomato juice and stir until it boils;
season with salt to taste. This is tomato sauce pure and simple; but it
is often made with half stock and half tomato juice; it is suitable for
chops, steaks, &c. If made thicker it is called a puree, and is served
with braised and dressed meats.

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