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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Forty-five large tomatoes, skin and cut into pieces, twenty green
peppers, twenty red peppers, six onions, all cut fine, two tablespoons
of salt, six small cups of vinegar, two cups of sugar. Mix all together
and boil two hours, then add one tablespoon each of ginger, cloves,
cinnamon and allspice, and boil up once. Bottle and seal at once.
How to set the table for the service of the "Seder" on the eve of Pesach
or Passover.
Set the table as usual, have everything fresh and clean; a wineglass for
each person, and an extra one placed near the platter of the man who
conducts the seder. Then get a large napkin; fold it into four parts,
set it on a plate, and in each fold put a perfect matzoth; that is, one
that is not broken or unshapely; in short, one without a blemish. Then
place the following articles on a platter: One hard-boiled egg, a lamb
bone that has been roasted in ashes, the top of a nice stick of
horse-radish (it must be fresh and green), a bunch of nice curly parsley
and some bitter herb (the Germans call it lattig), and, also, a small
vessel filled with salt water. Next to this platter place a small bowl
filled with [Hebrew ] prepared as follows: Pare and chop up a few
apples, add sugar, cinnamon, pounded almonds, some white wine and grated
lemon peel, and mix thoroughly. Place these dishes in front of the one
that conducts the seder, and to his left place two pillows, nicely
covered, and a small table or chair, on which has been placed a
wash-bowl with a pitcher of water and clean towel. In some families
hard-boiled eggs are distributed after the seder.

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