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1 dozen tomatoes.

1 1/2 ounces butter.

1/2 teaspoon salt.

1/4 teaspoon pepper.

Scald the tomatoes by pouring boiling water over them, then place in

cold water for half a minute. Remove the skins, which will now come off

quite easily, slice the tomatoes into about four pieces with a very

sharp knife. Have ready a stewpan in which the butter has been dissolved,

place the tomatoes in it, add the seasoning, and stew gently for about

twenty minutes, stirring frequently.

Note.--When strained, this constitutes a very choice sauce, and it may

be slightly thickened.

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Eggs with Tomatoes

Fry in two ounces of butter two small dry onions and two green
peppers, chopped. Add half a dozen tomatoes peeled and cut up, salt
and pepper. Simmer fifteen minutes. Add the corn cut from half a dozen
ears, and cook fifteen minutes longer. Pour the mixture into a baking
dish, and break over it six eggs. Place in the oven until set.

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For each person take a thin slice toast covered with anchovy paste. Upon
this place whole egg which has been boiled four minutes, so that it can
be pealed whole and the yolk is still soft. Around the toast put tomato

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Take small yellow tomatoes, scrape out the centre and fill with caviar.
Serve on lettuce or watercress.

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Pour boiling water over the tomatoes; remove the skins; cut into small
pieces and place in a saucepan over the fire. Boil gently for twenty or
thirty minutes and season, allowing for each quart of tomatoes one
generous teaspoon each of salt and sugar and one tablespoon of butter.
If in addition to this seasoning a slice of onion has been cooked with
the tomatoes from the beginning, the flavor will be greatly improved.

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Salt, pepper; add a lump of butter the size of an egg and add one
tablespoon of sugar. Thicken with one teaspoon of flour wet with one
tablespoon of cold water, stir into the tomatoes and boil up once.

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Cut large, sound tomatoes in halves and flour the insides thickly.
Season with a little salt and pepper. Allow the butter to get very hot
before putting in the tomatoes. When brown on one side, turn, and when
done serve with hot cream or thicken some milk and pour over the
tomatoes hot.

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Cut into thin slices large green tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and dip
into cornmeal, fry slowly in a little butter till well browned; keep the
frying-pan covered while they are cooking, so they will be perfectly
tender. These are very delicately flavored, and much easier to fry than
ripe tomatoes. They make an excellent breakfast dish.

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Drain off part of the juice from one quart of tomatoes and season with
pepper, salt, and onion juice. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with
rolled crackers, dot over with dabs of butter, pepper, and salt, then
another layer of tomatoes, then of crumbs, and so on until a layer of
crumbs covers the top.
If fresh tomatoes are used bake one hour, if canned, 1/2 hour.
If the crumbs begin to brown too quickly cover the dish with a tin

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Select tomatoes of uniform size, cut a slice from the stem end and scoop
out a portion of the pulp. Have in readiness a dressing made from grated
bread crumbs, parsley, a slice of minced onion, a high seasoning of salt
and paprika and sufficient melted butter to moisten. Fill this into the
tomatoes and heap it up in the centers. Place a bit of butter on top of
each and bake in a quick oven until the vegetables are tender and the
tops are delicately browned.

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Take one small onion and half a green pepper, chop them fine and cook
until tender in a tablespoon of butter. Cut six tomatoes in half,
sprinkle with a little sugar, season on both sides with salt, pepper and
a little flour, and put them into the pan with skin-side down to cook
partially, then turn them once; they must cook over a slow fire. Then
sprinkle one tablespoon of chopped parsley over them, pour in one cup of
thick cream and when this has become thoroughly hot, and has been
combined with the other ingredients, the tomatoes are ready to serve.
They have not been disturbed since the first turning and have retained
their shape. Half a tomato is placed on a slice of toast, with
sufficient gravy to moisten. At the season of the year, when tomatoes
are hard and firm, they may be peeled before cooking. Later they will
likely fall to pieces unless the skin is left on. This is one method of
cooking tomatoes in which they lose the sharp acid taste, disagreeable
to so many persons.

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