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One pint of cream well beaten, sugar and flavoring to taste. One quarter

of a pound of macaroons which have soaked in sherry for a few minutes.

Put in a deep dish alternate layers of macaroons and cream. Preserved

cherries and almonds (whole) are a great improvement.

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Soak three sponge cakes and half a pound of macaroons and ratafias
in one wine glass of brandy and three of white wine, lay them at the
bottom of the trifle dish, and pour over nearly a pint of thick rich
custard, made of equal portions of milk and cream, with seven eggs,
according to directions for "Custards;" before the custard is added,
jam and sweetmeats are sometimes spread over the cakes; a fine light
froth is prepared with cream and the whites of two eggs, flavored with
wine and sugar, heap it over the trifle lightly.

Soak ratafia cakes in wine, with a little brandy; pour over a thick
custard, and cover with a froth of the white of eggs, flavored with
wine and sweetened with white sugar.

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Make a rich custard of four eggs, one cup of granulated sugar and one
quart of milk to which has been added one teaspoon of cornstarch. Let
this cook in double boiler, stirring constantly, until the custard is
very thick. Cool.
Soak one-half pound of macaroons in sherry wine, blanch and chop
one-quarter pound of almonds, cut fine one-quarter pound of dried figs;
one-quarter pound of crystallized cherries and one-half pound of lady
fingers are required as well.
Line a deep glass bowl with the lady fingers cut in half, add macaroons,
fruit and almonds in layers until all are used. Then pour the boiled
custard over all. Set on ice and when cold, fill the bowl with whipped
cream that has been sweetened and flavored with vanilla. Decorate with a
few cherries.

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1 lb. Cold Roast Beef--3d.

4 oz. Bread Crumbs

Pepper and Salt--1d.

1 teaspoonful Onion

1 Egg

1 teaspoonful Parsley or Horse-radish--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--51/2 d

Time--Half and Hour

Mince the beef and onion very finely, and mix it with the bread crumbs,
pepper, and salt. Add either some chopped parsley or finely scraped
horse-radish; mix thoroughly. Moisten with an egg well beaten, and if
very dry a spoonful of gravy or milk. Butter some small cups or moulds,
fill them with this mixture, and bake for about half an hour.
Garnish with sprigs of parsley, and serve with them some horse-radish
sauce or brown gravy.

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Take a small piece of rennet about two inches square. Wash it very
clean in cold water, to get all the salt off, and wipe it dry. Put
it in a tea-cup, and pour on it just enough of lukewarm water to
cover it. Let it set all night, or, for several hours. Then take
out the rennet, and stir the water in which it was soaked, into a
quart of milk, which should be in a broad dish.
Set the milk in a warm place, till it becomes a firm curd. As soon
as the curd is completely made, set it in a cool place, or on ice
(if in summer) for two or three hours before you want to use it.
Eat it with wine, sugar, and nutmeg.
The whey, drained from the curd, is an excellent drink for

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To Make A Trifle

Take a Pint of Cream, and boil it, and when it is almost cold,

sweeten it, and put it in the Bason you use it in; and put to it a

Spoonful of Runnet; let it stand 'till it comes like Cheese: You may

perfume it, or put in Orange-Flower-Water.

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10 Savory Trifles

Mince fine 2 ozs. of cold game or chicken with 12 pickled mushrooms and

a gill of cream; season with salt and pepper. Serve on slices of fried


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6 Indian Trifle

Mix together 3 tablespoonfuls of rice flour and 3 of finely ground white

Indian meal. Scald 3 cupfuls of milk, add then a portion of it to the

dry mixture, stir all together and continue to stir over the fire until

the milk is very thick. Add 4 tablespoonfuls of sugar, cover and cook

slowly for ten minutes; add 5 drops of cinnamon extract, and 1/2 of a

cupful of shaved citron and turn into a mould or glass dish. Serve with

a custard sauce "Table Talk," Phila.

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Trifle No 1

Take as many macaroons as the bottom of your dish will hold; peel off

the wafers, and dip the cakes in Madeira or mountain wine. Make a very

thick custard, with pounded apricot or peach kernels boiled in it; but

if you have none, you may put some bitter almonds; pour the custard hot

upon the maccaroons. When the custard is cold, or just before the trifle

is sent to table, lay on it as much whipped syllabub as the dish can

hold. The syllabub must be done with very good cream and wine, and put

on a sieve to drain before you lay it on the custard. If you like it,

put here and there on the whipped cream bunches of preserved barberries,

or pieces of raspberry jam.

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Trifle No 2

Take a quart of sweet cream; boil it with a blade of mace and a little

lemon-peel; sweeten it with sugar; keep stirring it till it is almost

cold to prevent it from creaming at top; then put it into the dish you

intend to serve it in, with a spoonful or less of runnet. Let it stand

till it becomes like cheese. You may perfume it, or add orange-flower


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Trifle No 3

Cover the bottom of your dish with maccaroons and ratafia cakes; just

wet them all through with mountain wine or raisin wine; then make a

boiled custard, not too thick, and when cold pour it over them. Lay a

whipped syllabub over that. You may garnish with currant jelly.

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