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(Fish.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

2 lbs. Tripe--5d.

1 doz. Tomatoes--3d.

1/2 pint Water or Stock

1 oz. Cornflour--1/2d.

1 Onion

Pepper and Salt--1/2d.

Total Cost--9d

Time--Four Hours

Cut the tripe into neat pieces, put it on in cold water and bring to
the boil; let it boil for five minutes, put it into cold water, and
wash and scrape it well. Slice up the tomatoes and rub them through a
sieve; mix them with the stock or water, and season with pepper and
salt. Pour this into a saucepan, slice in the onion, put in the tripe,
and let it boil up. Simmer gently for four hours, mix the cornflour
smoothly with a little water or stock, and pour it in; stir until it
boils, dish the tripe carefully, season and flavour the sauce to taste,
and pour it over. Tripe is more easily digested than any other animal
food, and is therefore good for people suffering with dyspepsia.

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