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Turbot Plain Boiled

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Make a brine with two handfuls of salt in a gallon of water, let the

turbot lie in it two hours before it is to be boiled; then set on a

fish-kettle, with water enough to cover it, and about half a pint of

vinegar, or less if the turbot is small; put in a piece of horseradish;

when the water boils put in the turbot, the white side uppermost, on a

fish-plate; let it be done enough, but not too much, which will be

easily known by the look. A small one will take twenty minutes, a large

one half an hour. Then take it up, and set it on a fish-plate to drain,

before it is laid in the dish. See that it is served quite dry.

Sauce--lobster and white sauce.

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