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Turbot To Dress

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Wipe your turbot very dry, then take a deep stewpan, put in the fish,

with two bay-leaves, a handful of parsley, a large onion stuck with

cloves, some salt, and cayenne; heat a pint of white wine boiling hot,

and pour it upon the turbot; then strain in some very strong veal gravy,

(made from your stock jelly,) more than will cover it; set it over a

stove, and let it simmer very gently, that the full strength of the

ingredients may be infused into it. When it is quite done, put it on a

hot dish; strain the gravy into a saucepan, with some butter and flour

to thicken it.

Plaice, dabs, and flounders, may be dressed in the same way.

Other Recipes

Turbot To Dress Fen Gras Or In A Rich Fashion

Put into a stewpan a small quantity of broth, several slices of veal,

and an equal quantity of ham, a little cayenne, and a bunch of

sweet-herbs. Let it stew over a very slow stove, and add a glass of

champagne. When this is completely done, serve it with any of the

sauces, named in the article Sauces, added to its own.

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