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Turbot To Fry

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

It must be a small turbot. Cut it across, as if it were ribbed; when it

is quite dry, flour it, and put it into a large frying-pan with boiling

butter enough to cover it; fry it brown, then drain it. Put in enough

claret to cover it, two anchovies, salt, a scruple of nutmeg and ginger,

and let it stew slowly till half the liquor is wasted; then take it out,

and put in a piece of butter, of the size of a walnut, rolled in flour,

and a lemon minced, juice and all. Let these ingredients simmer till of

a proper thickness. Rub a hot dish with an eschalot or onion; pour the

sauce in, and lay the turbot carefully in the midst.

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