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Turkey A La Daube

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Bone a turkey, and season it with pepper and salt; spread over it some

slices of ham, over them some forcemeat, over that a fowl, boned, and

seasoned as the turkey, then more ham and forcemeat, and sew it up.

Cover the bottom of a stewpan with veal and ham cut in slices; lay in

the turkey breast downward: chop all the bones to pieces, and lay them

on the turkey; cover the pan close, and set it over the fire for five

minutes. Put as much clear broth as will cover it, and let it do for two

hours. When it is more than half done, put in one ounce of the best

isinglass and a bundle of sweet-herbs; skim off all the fat, and, when

it is cold, break it with whites of eggs as you do other jelly. Put part

of it into a pan or mould that will hold the turkey, and, when it is

cold, lay the turkey upon it with the breast downward; then cover it

with the rest of the jelly. When you serve it, turn it out whole upon

the dish.

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