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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut up any bones or meat of cold turkey, and cook like soup made of
left-over chicken and chicken bones.

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Take broken-lip bones and undesirable pieces of roast turkey, such as
neck, wings and left-over pieces of bread filling, put in stew-pot,
cover with water, add pieces of celery, sliced onion and parsley, cook
several hours, strain, and to the strained liquor add a couple
tablespoonfuls of boiled rice, season with salt and pepper and serve.
Some of the cold turkey might also be cut in small pieces and added to
the soup.

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French Turkey Soup.

Clean and season the turkey with salt and pepper. Then fill with 2
cups of bread-crumbs mixed with a lump of butter, some chopped onion
and thyme, salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 cup of seeded raisins and 1/2
cup of nuts. Mix all well with 2 beaten eggs. Put turkey in
dripping-pan and let bake a rich brown. Baste often with the dripping
until tender. Serve with dressing.

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Turkey Soup

Take the remains of a cold roast turkey, trim off all the

meat, break up the bones, and put them into a saucepan; cover them with

two quarts of veal stock; salt and cayenne to taste. Boil gently for one

hour; strain and skim. Now add the flesh of the turkey; simmer gently;

dissolve a tablespoonful of rice flour in a little cold milk, and add it

to the soup. Let it come to a boil; taste for seasoning, and serve with


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Chicken Or Turkey Soup

The liquor that a turkey or chicken is boiled in, makes a good soup. If

you do not like your soup fat, let the liquor remain till the day after

the poultry has been boiled in it, then skim off the fat, set it where

it will boil. If there was not any rice boiled with the meat, put in

half a tea cup full, when the liquor boils, or slice up a few potatoes

and put in--season it with salt and pepper, sweet herbs, and a little

celery boiled in it improves it. Toast bread or crackers, and put them

in the soup when you take it up.

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