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Turnip Broth

(Broths.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Have a sufficient quantity of good strong broth as for any other soup,

taking care that it is not too strongly flavoured by any of the roots

introduced into it. Peel a good quantity of the best turnips, selecting

such as are not bitter. Sweat them in butter and a little water till

they are quite tender. Rub them through a tamis, mix them with the

broth; boil it for about half an hour. Add half a pint of very good

cream, and be careful not to have too fierce a fire, as it is apt to


Other Recipes

Another Turnip Broth

Put one pound of lean veal, pulled into small pieces in a pipkin, with

two large or three middling turnips. Cover the pipkin very close, to

prevent water from getting into it; set it in a pot of water, and let it

boil for two or three hours. A tea-cupful of the broth produced in the

pipkin may be taken twice or thrice a day.

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