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Turnip Soup

(Soups.) - (New Vegetarian Dishes)

10 turnips.

2 onions.

2 potatoes.

1 small stick of celery.

1 pint milk.

3 pints water.

2 ounces butter.

2 teaspoons salt.

1 teaspoon peppercorns.

Dissolve the butter in a large saucepan, place in the vegetables sliced,

salt, peppercorns, and water, and boil gently for two hours. Strain,

return to the saucepan, which must be perfectly clean, add milk, simmer

a few minutes and serve.

Note.--A tablespoon of cream placed in the tureen, and stirred into the

soup as it is poured in, is a great improvement, or it may be thickened

with one tablespoon sago.

Other Recipes

Turnip Soup

Make a good strong gravy of beef or mutton; let it stand till cold; take

off all the fat; pare some turnips and slice them thin; stew them till

tender, then strain them through a sieve; mix the pulp with the gravy,

till of a proper thickness:--then add three quarters of a pint of cream;

boil it up, and send it to table.

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