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Unboiled Almond Cream

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take half a pound of almonds; blanch them, and cut out all their spots:

then beat them very fine, in a clean stone or wooden mortar, with a

little rose-water, and mix them with one quart of sweet cream. Strain

them as long as you can get any out. Take as much fine sugar as will

sweeten it, a nutmeg cut into quarters, some large mace, three spoonfuls

of orange-flower water, as much rose-water, with musk or ambergris

dissolved in it; put all these things into a glass churn; shake them

continually up and down till the mass is as thick as butter; before it

is broken, pour it all into a clean dish; take out the nutmeg and the

mace; when it is settled smooth, scatter some comfits or scrape some

hard sugar upon it.

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