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(Pies And Pastry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take two ounces of vanilla bean and one of tonka. Soak the tonka in warm
water until the skin can be rubbed off; then cut or chop in small pieces
and put in two wine bottles. Fill with half alcohol, half water; cork,
seal, and in a week's time will be ready for use.

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Vanilla Extract

One ounce of Mexican vanilla bean, two ounces of loaf sugar, eight

ounces of French rose water, twenty-four ounces of alcohol 95 per cent.

Cut up the bean and pound with the sugar in a mortar, sift and pound

again until all is a fine powder. Mix the alcohol and rose water; put

the vanilla in a paper filter, pour over it a little of the liquid at a

time until all is used; filter again if not all is dissolved. Paper

filters may be obtained at any of the large drug stores. The extract may

be darkened by using a little caramel.

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