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(Philadelphia Ice Creams) - (Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings)

1 quart of cream
1/2 pound of sugar
1/2 pound of shelled pistachio nuts
1 teaspoonful of almond extract
10 drops of green coloring
Blanch and pound or grate the nuts. Put half the cream and all the sugar in
a double boiler; stir until the sugar is dissolved and stand aside to cool;
when cold, add the nuts, the flavoring and the remaining cream, mix, add
the coloring, and turn into the freezer to freeze.
If green coloring matter is not at hand, a little spinach or parsley may be
chopped and rubbed with a small quantity of alcohol.
This quantity will serve six persons,

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Take one pint of milk, two cups of sugar, one large tablespoon of flour
rubbed smooth in cold milk, two eggs beaten light, one teaspoon of
vanilla extract, and one quart of sweet cream, well beaten. Heat the
milk in a double boiler, and when it is at boiling point add the flour,
eggs and one cup of sugar. Cook about twenty minutes, stirring very
often. Let the mixture get cold, then add the remaining sugar and the
vanilla and cream, and freeze. A more novel flavoring is made with a
mixture of vanilla, lemon and almond extracts. The quantities given in
this recipe make about two quarts of ice cream.

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Beat three whole eggs very light with one cup of granulated sugar until
all grain is dissolved and mass is a light yellowish color. Whip one
pint of cream until stiff, add to eggs and sugar, then add one cup of
sweet milk, flavor with vanilla to taste, and put in freezer and turn
until hard. This is a basis for almost any kind of cream.

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From MRS. J. MONTGOMERY SMITH, of Wisconsin, Alternate Lady Manager.
Make one quart rich vanilla ice cream, and when partly frozen, add one
pound of candied fruit, either cherries, currants or citron.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

A quart of rich milk, three-quarters of a pound of sugar, eight egg

yolks and a small vanilla bean. Put the milk in a double boiler with the

vanilla bean split into halves; beat the sugar and eggs to a cream, stir

into the hot milk and beat briskly until thick, remove from the fire,

strain; when cold, freeze.

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