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Veal A La Casserole

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

For this dish a piece of the fillet about three inches thick will be

required, and weighing from two to three pounds. It should be cut from

one side of the leg, without bone; but sometimes butchers object to

give it, as cutting in this manner interferes with cutlets. In such a

case a piece must be chosen near the knuckle, and the bone be taken out

before cooking. For a larger party, a thick slice of the fillet,

weighing about four pounds, will be found advantageous.

With a piece of tape tie the veal into a round shape, flour, and put it

into a stewpan with a small piece of butter, fry until it becomes brown

on all sides. Then put half a pint of good gravy, nicely seasoned with

pepper and salt, cover the stewpan closely, and set it on the stove to

cook very slowly for at least four hours. When done, the veal will be

exquisitely tender, full of flavour, but not the least ragged. Take the

meat up, and keep hot whilst the gravy is reduced, by boiling without

the lid of the saucepan, to a rich glaze, which pour over the meat and


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