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Veal Broth

(Soup.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Make this as you would the mutton broth, using a knuckle of

veal, (which costs ten cents,) instead of the neck of mutton, and a

quarter of a pound of rice, (which costs two or three cents,) instead of

barley; omit the turnips. You will have a good, nutritious, broth for

about thirteen cents.

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Veal Broth No 1

Take ten or twelve knuckles, such as are cut off from legs and shoulders

of mutton, at the very shank; rub them with a little salt, put them in a

pan of water for two or three hours, and wash them very clean; boil them

in a gallon of spring water for an hour. Strain them very clean, then

put in two ounces of hartshorn shavings, and the bottom crust of a penny

loaf; let it boil till the water is reduced to about three pints; strain

it off, and when cold skim off the fat. Take half a pint warm before you

rise, and the same in bed at night. Make it fresh three times a week in

summer, and twice a week in winter: do not put in any lamb bones. This

is an excellent thing.

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Veal Broth No 2

Soak a knuckle of veal for an hour in cold water; put it into fresh

water over the fire, and, as the scum rises, take it off; let it stew

gently for two hours, with a little salt to make the scum rise. When it

is sufficiently stewed, strain the broth from the meat. Put in some

vermicelli; keep the meat hot; and as you are going to put the soup into

the terrine add half a pint of cream.

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Veal Broth No 3

Take one pound of lean veal, one blade of mace, two table-spoonfuls of

rice, one quart of water; let it boil slowly two hours; add a little


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Veal Broth No 4 Excellent For A Consumption

Boil a knuckle of veal in a gallon of water; skim and put to it half a

pound of raisins of the sun, stoned, and the bottoms of two manchets,

with a nutmeg and a half sliced, and a little hartshorn. Let it boil

till reduced to half the quantity; then pound it all together and

strain. Add some brown sugar-candy, some rose-water, and also the juice

of a lemon, if the patient has no cough.

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