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Veal Rumps

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take three veal rumps; parboil and put them into a little pot, with some

broth, a bunch of parsley, scallions, a clove of garlic, two shalots, a

laurel leaf, thyme, basil, two cloves, salt, pepper, an onion, a carrot,

and a parsnip: let them boil till they are thoroughly done, and the

sauce is very nearly consumed. Take them out, let them cool, and strain

the sauce through a rather coarse sieve, that none of the fat may

remain. Put it into a stewpan, with the yolks of three eggs beat up, and

a little flour, and thicken it over the fire. Then dip your veal rumps

into it, and cover them with grated bread; put them upon a dish, and

brown them with a salamander. Serve them with sour sauce, for which see

the part that treats of Sauces.

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