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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil a piece of veal, off the neck, and one or two veal bones in two
quarts of water, add a sprig of parsley, one onion, cut up into small
pieces. Strain and thicken with the yolks of two eggs slightly beaten
with a tablespoon of cold water. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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Put a veal soup bone over the fire in one gallon of cold water; skim
carefully as it comes to a boil; after it has boiled one hour season
it with salt and pepper and half teaspoonful (scant) celery seed. In
another half hour put in one-half cup rice, one medium-sized potato
(cut in dice or thin slices), two good-sized onions (sliced fine); let
boil one-half hour longer, and when ready to serve add one egg
(well-beaten), one-half cup milk, one tablespoon flour; let come to a
boil, and serve.

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Veal Soup

Knuckle of veal 2 1/2 pounds

2 raw eggs

3 quarts water

2 tomatoes cut fine

1/2 onion

salt and pepper to season

a little flour

1/2 cup vermicelli or alphabet macaroni

2 eggs, beaten very light

1 1/2 tablespoons parmesan cheese

Put veal in stewing pan and allow it to cook until thoroughly done. Now

chop meat and add cheese, flour, salt and pepper if needed and form into

little balls about the size of a marble. While preparing these, drop in

macaroni and cook until tender. Now add the meat balls.

If too thick use a little water. Beat the eggs lightly and add while


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Plain Veal Soup

A leg of veal, after enough has been cut off for cutlets, makes a soup

nearly as good as calf's head. Boil it with a cup two thirds full of

rice, a pound and a half of pork--season it with salt, pepper, and sweet

herbs, if you like. A little celery boiled in it gives the soup a fine

flavor. Some people like onions, carrots, and parsely boiled in it. If

you wish for balls in the soup, chop veal and a little raw salt pork

fine, mix it with a few bread crumbs, and a couple of eggs. Season it

with salt and pepper--add a little curry powder if you like, do it up

into small balls, and boil them in the soup. The veal should be taken up

before the soup is seasoned. Just before the soup is taken up, put in a

couple of slices of toast, cut into small pieces. If you do not like

your soup fat, let the liquor remain till the day after you have boiled

the meat, and skim off the fat before heating the liquor. The shoulder

of veal makes a good soup.

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Veal Soup

Take a knuckle of veal, and chop it into small pieces; set it on the

fire with four quarts of water, pepper, mace, a few herbs, and one large

onion. Stew it five or six hours; then strain off the spice, and put in

a pint of green peas until tender. Take out the small bones, and send

the rest up with the soup.

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Veal Soup

Two legs of veal, put on with boiling water and skimmed; when

skimmed, add butter. Prepare rice by boiling. When the soup is done,

remove bone and meat, strain, add rice, and let come to a boil. Beat

yolk of egg in dish with a little water, add chopped parsley, little

nutmeg; then pour over soup and serve.

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