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Veal To Boil

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Veal should be boiled well; a knuckle of six pounds will take very

nearly two hours. The neck must be also well boiled in a good deal of

water; if boiled in a cloth, it will be whiter. Serve it with tongue,

bacon, or pickled pork, greens of any sort, brocoli, and carrots, or

onion sauce, white sauce, oyster sauce, parsley and butter, or white

celery sauce.

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Fillet Of Veal To Boil

Cut out the bone of a fillet of veal; put it into good milk and water

for a little while: make some forcemeat with boiled clary, raw carrots,

beef suet, grated bread, sweet-herbs, and a good quantity of shrimps,

nutmeg, and mace, the yolks of three eggs boiled hard, some pepper and

salt, and two raw eggs; roll it up in butter, and stuff the veal with

it. Boil the veal in a cloth for two hours, and scald four or five

cucumbers, in order to take out the pulp the more easily. This done,

fill them with forcemeat, and stew them in a little thin gravy. For

sauce take strong white gravy, thickened with butter, a very little

flour, nutmeg, mace, and lemon-peel, three anchovies dissolved in

lemon-juice, some good cream, the yolk of an egg beaten, and a glass of

white wine. Serve with the cucumbers.

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