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Veal To Stew

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut the veal into small pieces; season with an onion, some salt and

pepper, mace, lemon-peel, and two or three shalots; let them stew in

water, with a little butter, or port wine, if you like. When enough

done, put in some yolks of eggs beaten, and boil them quick. Dish and

serve them up.

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Breast Of Veal To Stew With Peas

Cut the nicest part of the breast of veal, with the sweetbread; roast it

a little brown; take a little bit of the meat that is cut off the ends,

and fry it with butter, salt, pepper, and flour; take a little hot water

just to rinse out the gravy that adheres to the frying-pan, and put it

into a stewpan, with two quarts of hot water, a bundle of parsley,

thyme, and marjoram, a bit of onion or shalot, plenty of lemon-peel, and

a pint of old green peas, the more mealy the better. Let it stew two or

three hours, then rub it through a sieve with a spoon; it should be all

nice and thick; then put it again in the stewpan with the meat, having

ready some hot water to add to the gravy in case it should be wanted. A

thick breast will take two hours, and must be turned every now and then.

Boil about as many nice young peas as would make a dish, the same as for

eating; put them in about ten minutes before you take it up, skimming

all the fat nicely off; and season it at the same time with salt and

cayenne to your taste.

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Half A Fillet Of Veal To Stew

Take a stewpan large enough for the piece of veal, put in some butter,

and fry it till it is firm, and of a fine brown colour all round; put in

two carrots, two large onions, whole, half a pound of lean bacon, a

bunch of thyme and of parsley, a pinch of cayenne pepper and of salt:

add a cupful of broth, and let the whole stew over a very slow fire for

one hour, or according to the size of your piece of veal, until

thoroughly done. Have ready a pint of jelly soup, in which stew a

table-spoonful of mustard and the same of truffles cut in small pieces;

add one ounce of butter and a dessert spoonful of flour to thicken;

unite it well together; put in a glass of white wine, and boil. When

ready to serve, pour it over the veal; let there be sauce sufficient to

fill the dish; the veal must be strained from the vegetables, and great

care taken that the sauce is well passed through the sieve, to keep it

clear from grease.

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Shoulder Of Veal To Stew

Put it in an earthen pan, with a gill of water, two spoonfuls of

vinegar, salt, whole pepper, parsley and scallions, two cloves of

garlic, a bay leaf, two onions, two heads of celery, three cloves, and a

bit of butter. Cover the pan close, and close the edges with flour and

water. Stew it in an oven three hours; then skim and strain the sauce,

and serve it over the veal.

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